Duplicate sessions.
All welcome....
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In the tradition of all successful groups who having  developed
a reliable and winning formula then change it to no advantage ( cf Windows 6/7/8/9/10/
) I too am going to change procedure such that lesson notes and homeworks will no
longer be published on these pages. Slightly forced on me by an unreliable website (
run by Yahoo who insist on changing and "improving" things every time I look the other
way ) but for the present there will be no homeworks or lesson notes here.  
Homework answers will continue to be published on the Answers page. Anyone
wanting copies of any lessons/homeworks etc that they have missed , forgotten, left in
the 1st class carriage etc can simply email and I will email the attachments back.
Course , this could all change .


Homework overcalls Feb 10-12

Homework overcalls Feb 10-12  page2


HOMEWORK  more on duplicates 2-3 Feb

Homework duplicates page 2 Feb 2-3

homework duplicate play jan 26

homework duplicate play page 2 jan 26

Mainly revision 20-22 Jan page1

homework revision page2

Stayman Homework  6-8 Jan 1

Stayman Homework  6-8 Jan2

so this is Christmas